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What is the Refer-A-Unicorn Program

WHY UNICORNS.LIVE Unicorns.LIVE features exclusive content which gives a voice to the underrepresented. From arts and entertainment to inclusive education, we offer both live-streamed and on-demand productions. Laugh, learn, and live boldly all

How Commissions & Payouts Work

1. When a person starts a free trial via your referral link they will count as a “Lead” 2. Once they have completed their free trial (usually 7 days) and their first payment is processed they become a “Conversion”. 1. If the person

Ideas to Promote Your Referral Link

1. Write a blog post - Subtly integrating your referral link into a blog post is another great form of promotion.  While there’s really any number of blog topics that could work, here are some of our favorites: 1. Unicorns.LIVE vs. a similar

Refer-A-Unicorn Fine Print & Rules

There are a few rules about the Refer-a-Unicorn program you should know about. No “gotchas” here, just some terms to keep everyone happy.  * You’ll need to accrue $50 in your account in order to qualify for a payout. If you have a balance lower

How to Share Content & Earn Cash

IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY YOU NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THE REFER-A-UNICORN PROGRAM. Once you have your account setup please follow the below steps to share Unicorns.LIVE Content.  1. Log in to you Rewardful account - https://unicornslive.getrewardful

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