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Issues with AutofillUpdated a year ago

Whenever filling an online form, you can often see some data appearing directly into the text fields. The data appear automatically because of your browser or computer's Autofill feature. While it is usually very helpful, sometimes autofill can stop working properly. 

Autofill issues and solutions vary based on what browsers and computer (or phone/tablet) you are using. Here are some general trouble-shooting tips, but we also recommend searching online for tips specific to your situation. 

  • Make sure your browser is up to date - an outdated browser can causer Autofill to work incorrectly. 
  • Go into your Settings and check the Autofill settings for Unicorns.LIVE. In here you should be able to see the autofill settings and make any adjustments
  • Clear browser data and cache - this is done in your browser's Privacy settings

As each browser is slightly different, these links show how to manage Autofill Settings on more common browsers:

As Autofill is controlled by your device, our Unicorns.LIVE team is unable to make adjustments on our end to resolve this issue. 

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