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How to Share Content & Earn CashUpdated a year ago

If you haven't already you need to SIGN UP for the Refer-A-Unicorn program.

Once you have your account setup please follow the below steps to share Unicorns.LIVE Content. 

  1. Log in to you Rewardful account - https://unicornslive.getrewardful.com/login
    1. Enter the email & password you used when creating your account.
    2. You will then see your dashboard

  2. You will see a “Copy Link” on the main page when you log in, click that and it will copy your link that you can paste anywhere. You can also manually copy and paste the link on the left side.

  3. The system will track anyone who clicks your referral link. Even if they do not sign up on the first time they visit our website the tracking remains for 60 days from the first time they click the link. This means that if a friend of yours clicked the link and doesn’t immediately sign up but goes back to our website 3 weeks later and then signs up for a free trial. Our system will recognize this and still give you credit for the referral and there is nothing else you need to do. 

  4. You can also create custom/additional links so you can track your referrals via different platforms. Such as if you want to create one link for Facebook and another for Instagram or your website.

  5. Also, other option is that you can copy any URL from the Unicorns.LIVE website and share it with your tracking link. 
    1. If your tracking link is ?via=DEMOREFERAL
    2. If the page you want to promote is - https://unicorns.live/authors/author-qusic
    3. Take the URL and add the tracking link at the end so the final URL is https://unicorns.live/authors/author-qusic?via=DEMOREFERAL
    4. By sharing this URL you can send people directly to a section on our website and include your tracking link should they choose to subscribe. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any extra help. 

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