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How Commissions & Payouts WorkUpdated a year ago

  1. When a person starts a free trial via your referral link they will count as a “Lead”

  2. Once they have completed their free trial (usually 7 days) and their first payment is processed they become a “Conversion”.
    1. If the person selected an annual subscription they will be charged that amount in one payment and you will receive commission on that amount
    2. If the person selected a monthly subscription you will receive commission on that amount for six months (or 12 depending which plan you are on)

  3. All payments have a 30 day window before they become payable. This is due to potential refunds that could happen. Our policy is no refunds, however sometimes there are situations, like Fraud, that could result in a refund which would cancel a commission. 

  4. After the 30 day window passes on all successful commissions, they will be paid out during the following month. We summarize all payable commissions at month end and pay within 2 weeks.  For example:
    1. Trial started on April 15
    2. First payment on April 22
    3. Commission payable on May 22
    4. Commissions summarized on May 31
    5. Commissions paid by June 15

  5. At the time of writing this, all Canadian payouts are made via Plooto and all international payments are issued via Paypal. This is subject to change without notice. 

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