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How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

Once signed into your account, you can cancel your recurring subscription by clicking Profile from the top navigation menu.  Select Billing and locate your subscription plan at the bottom of the page. Click Change Plan. Click Cancel

How do I change my password?

Once signed into your account, you can change your password by clicking Profile from the top navigation menu.  Select Password and update your password.

How do I reset my password?

On the login page, click Forgot Password, enter the email associated with your account, and click Send Instructions. The instruction email will arrive in your inbox shortly. In the instruction email, click Reset Password and you will be directed

How do I update my billing information?

Once signed into your account, you can update your billing information by clicking Profile from the top navigation menu.  Select Billing and update your billing information.

My credit card is being declined. Why is that?

Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid. Also, certain credit/debit cards do not allow for

Remove payment details

In compliance with GDPR, you have the ability to remove your payment details at any time. To remove payment details, you will need to be logged in to the site so can access your profile. NOTE: If you provided payment details while signing up via one

Why am I seeing an On Hold Screen?

When you have an unpaid invoice, you will be presented with an on hold screen that looks like the screenshot below. This view is designed to encourage remittal of payment for continued service. Unfortunately, there is not currently an easy way for

How to get a purchase receipt?

With recently improvements to our system we are now able to offer you the flexibility of pulling a receipt any time you need it, including all past purchases. First off head your profile section by clicking this link or by clicking "Profile" as

Change your subscription plan

With a couple easy steps you can easily change your plan from monthly to annual (save $$) or annual to manual (smaller payments).  Are you on an older plan that no longer exists? If so, its important to note that by changing your plan you will lose

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