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What is a Creator?Updated a year ago

A Creator is an individual or group of people that produce content. Content comes in all forms but holistically consists of entertainment, education, and spirituality. 

What does a Creator do? How do they do it? 

Creators collaborating with Unicorns.LIVE express their authentic truth! Unicorns.LIVE provides a platform, experience, and support that allows Creators to broadcast their content. 

Who are Creators?

Creators are anyone with a passion, a vision, or a mission that believes what they have to offer will benefit others in one way or another. Whether it be educational, informative, or to put a smile on peoples' faces, these individuals want to give what they have to the world.

If you have a vision or believe you have something to offer, you too can be a Creator! 

Unicorns.LIVE is proud to support creators on their journey. We understand that not all Creators know exactly what they want to produce, or how to; that is why we value supporting individuals through all stages of their Creator journey, even if you don't know what the first stage is. 

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