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Video Quality RequirementsUpdated a year ago

Requirements Quality Settings

Video compressing reduces a video's file size to improve upload and playback speed without negatively impacting video resolution; at least, that's the goal. For the best upload and playback experience with Unicorns.LIVE, we recommend following these video encoding and compression guidelines prior to uploading:

  • Format:MP4 (file extension .mp4 is the most recommended format to provide the best user experience)
    • Even though Unicorns.LIVE supports various video formats, not all browsers, programs, and devices can play a particular video format, so MP4 is the safest bet when it comes to video format.
  • Resolution: 1080p/2K or smaller - videos less than 2048x1152p are considered standard (this is also the recommendation for the horizontal ratio)
  • Codec: H.264 video codec (this is the most common codec and supported by almost every device)
  • Frames Per Second: 20 fps - 30 fps (23.98 fps is a good option)

Additional items will may want to check:

  • 8Mbps or less (bit rates higher than 8Mbps can cause playback issues for viewers)
  • 10-second max keyframe interval
  • 8-bit 4:2:0 or less (The higher the bit rate, the less compression, which results in overall higher quality. However, be aware that the higher the bit rate, the larger the file size.)
  • Closed GOP (group of pictures)

NOTES: We don't advise using Quicktime to edit videos. The save command stores reference points instead of trimming the video. The file will contain the original data. Therefore, the transcoder will ignore your edits as it processes the video. Instead, you may want to use software from our list of suggested video editors and converters.

Although Unicorns.LIVE does support 60 fps, some Roku and Chromecast devices do not. If your users are experiencing stuttering issues on these devices and your content is rendered at 60 fps, the solution is that you change it from 60 to a maximum of 30 fps and replace the video.

We recommend ensuring that your content doesn't have color transfer functions like "smpte2084" (also known as Perceptual Quantizer or PQ) used in HDR video.

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