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Setup your RokuUpdated a year ago

Great choice on using a Roku device to enjoy your Unicorns.LIVE experience. 

If you are setting up your Roku Premiere for the first time please follow this short helpful video from Roku on the initial setup.

Great! Now that your Roku is setup lets get you on with the Unicorns.LIVE app. Watch the video or check out the written instructions below the video.

  1. Start out on the main home screen.
  2. Use your remote to scroll down and select the "Search" option
  3. Search "UnicornsLive" there is no period in the search menu to just type the letters.
  4. Once you see Unicorns.LIVE as an option scroll over and select it
  5. Click "Add Channel"
  6. Click "I Agree" once you have reviewed the terms
  7. Depending on your wifi speed and closeness to the internet modem will depend how quickly our app will download to your device. 
  8. Click "Ok" once the Unicorns.LIVE app has been added
  9. Select "Go To Channel" 

At this point if you do not have an account with Unicorns.LIVE you can sign up directly in the Roku. Otherwise follow the next set of steps to login.

  1. Select the "Login" button
  2. Use the email address you signed up with on Unicorns.LIVE
  3. Select "Next" along the bottom
  4. Use the password you used when creating your account on Unicorns.LIVE. If you forget it, please see below about how to reset it.
  5. Select "Next" along the bottom
  6. Now that you are logged in please enjoy all the fabulous content we have created for you. 
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