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How Creators and Content Partners Earn RevenueUpdated 5 months ago

Pay Per View Rental/Sale for Video on Demand  and Live-streaming Revenue Share

Typically our revenue split is 50% for the Creator and 50% for Unicorns.LIVE for Pay Per View Revenue  after taxes and fee's are removed. Depending on our arrangement we may offer different revenue splits. Please refer to your contract for this specific breakdown. If an item is sold/rented within Canada the tax is 5% and is included in the displayed price. 

We have a minimum fee of $0.70 per purchase/rental to cover processing fee's. 

Subscription Revenue Share

Unicorns.LIVE aims to bring stages with their unique demonstration of outstanding cultural values such as authenticity, excitement, passion, emotion, experience and community into contemporary communication channels, to share with as many people as possible and to give artists a digital reach and sustainable visibility.

Artists, promoters, creators and venue partners will receive a share of the revenue from Unicorns.LIVE subscriptions and the sustainable audiovisual presence of their works. Revenue Share For Video On Demand Content (After The Initial Livestream):

  1. Every two months (the “Billing Period”) the income received to www.Unicorns.LIVE from subscription and chargeable content is calculated.
  2. From the Billing Period income, deductions are made for any and all value added tax and/or services. The balance of the funds are then divided with 35% being allocated to the providers, performers, and artists (the “Provider’s Share”) and 65% being retained by the Company.
  3. The Provider’s Share will be divided by the total number of minutes of content in the Billing Period to create a price-per minute.
  4. The Providers Share will be allocated to individual artists on a price-per minute basis based on that artist’s number of paid content minutes viewed during the Billing Period.

For greater clarity and by way of example (not using real numbers):

  • www.Unicorns.LIVE receives $10,000 during the Billing Period; and there were 1,000 minutes of content.
  • $2,000 was then deducted for taxes and services.
  • The remaining $8,000 will be divided $5,200 to the Company ($8,000 x 65%) and $2,800 set aside as the Provider’s Share ($8,000 x 35%).
  • To determine the price per minute, the Provider’s Share ($2,800) shall be divided by the number of minutes (1,000) to arrive at a price per-minute of $2.80.
  • If an artist’s content is viewed by subscribers for 200 minutes during the Billing Period the artist would be paid $560.00 (200 x $2.80).
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